New exchange set to revolutionize trading cryptocurrency

A highly anticipated new exchange is set to offer crypto traders a range of new tools – here’s everything you need to know:

Qurrex, the brainchild of an experienced team of investment managers, is creating a hybrid exchange that will bring new tools and investors to the crypto world. It builds on the strengths of traditional (like NASDAQ or NYSE), centralized (like Coinbase, Binance), and decentralized (like Radar, Melonport, Kyber, etc.) exchanges, creating a hybrid exchange with unequaled broad functionality. Qurrex will provide an unparalleled set of tools that will appeal to experienced and new traders alike.

Qurrex is introducing characteristics to the crypto market that experienced and institutional traders will find familiar. Its exchange features a wide range of technical analysis indicators; these can be arranged to use sequential application, where the output data of one indicator is the input data of another. An embedded API also allows the trader to define an algorithm for constructing an indicator directly in a web terminal window. Qurrex is already testing its platform and looking to introduce the most sought-after types of trade orders, such as: GTC limit order, IOC, GTD limit order (with lifespan), Market Order, FOK Order, Conditional Orders (Stop Order, Take Profit, and Trailing Stop), Post Only, Hidden Order, Scaled Order, One Cancels Other (OCO) Order, Two-Sided Orders.

For the casual trader, Qurrex boasts simple-to-use features. It includes personalized settings and navigation to provide the user with speedy access to information and services. Information from different sources is displayed in a convenient manner, with filtered news feeds, infographics, and an economic calendar. The users of the exchange will be able to see many interactive charts that show the times and prices for orders and open positions they have placed, and they will even able to modify their orders using the drag and drop feature on the chart. The graphic user interface will allow both the Qurrex team and users of the platform, to customize the terminal according to the needs of each type of trader.

One of the most exciting characteristics of the exchange will be social trading. Qurrex is taking social trading to a new level by introducing a full set of tools for the trader. Traders will be able to communicate directly with each other through chat and messenger functions. Social trading will allow traders to have information about market tendencies and others’ motives and results, increasing the degree of transparency for all platform users. All the tools are being developed to be readily available and accessible through its exchange. It will include publishing of trading strategy performance and distribution of trading signals, as well as the creation of a trading signal monitoring system with automatic copying of managing traders’ orders. Through Qurrex traders will have access to detailed and evaluated statistics of trust managers (with over 20 indicators), reliable data and minimal interference by the exchange in the process of selecting an investor from those presenting their strategies, and a mechanism to copy trading signals directly.

Finally, Qurrex offers a range of services on its platform. Users have access to secondary circulation of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets traded as both cryptocurrency and as fiat currency, as well as to services in the primary and secondary public listing of third party tokens (ICO). Its exchange offers the sale of index products and services in the distribution of market information. With the combination of traditional and innovative tools, easy-to-use customizable interface, and spectacular services, Qurrex is re-defining trading in the world of cryptocurrency.

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