The Bitcoin Game #56: Paper Wallet Inventor Peter Kroll

Welcome to episode 56 of‚The Bitcoin Game, I’m Rob Mitchell. I met Peter Kroll at a Bitcoin conference about a year ago. When I asked Peter what his involvement was with Bitcoin, he told me he created the original Bitcoin paper wallet at I was pretty impressed, having used his tool often! Peter had kept it a secret that he was behind until late 2014, and even since then, he’s kept a pretty low profile. We cover a ton of topics in this exclusive interview, including Peter’s introduction to Bitcoin, his paper wallet system, Bitcoin’s division, and much more.


The First Bitcoin Paper Wallet

Peter’s SlashDot introduction to Bitcoin


Peter “PointBiz” Kroll on BitcoinTalk;u=17857

First thread on BitcoinTalk

BitcoinTalk art contest posted by Mike “Casascius” Caldwell on GitHub

BitAddress Changelog

Entropy (Hackaday article)


Tom Wu’s JSBN Library

Live USB Linux

BitKey (bootable USB image for cold wallets)


Canton Becker’s Bitcoin Paper Wallet

Ian Coleman’s BIP39 Mnemonic Converter Tool

Coldlar (new hardware wallet)

Coinbin (offline transaction signing library, uses QR codes)

My interview with Jochen ‘œJohoe’ Hoenicke, who discovered Android RNG issues related to insecure Bitcoin wallets

Estonia – National ID Card RNG Flaw

Generating private keys with dice



The Future Of Bitcoin – Peter Kroll asks Craig Wright some questions @ 1:15:50



Peter Kroll – Private Key Custody – Crypto Mexico – Ethereum Devcon 3

Peter on Twitter

Peter on Reddit


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